We are all about you, your customers and your people. Qtiviti represents a unique blend of consultancy in human resource management, workforce planning and customer experience to ensure your workforce is in optimum shape to deliver the very best in customer satisfaction and business success.

Qtiviti offers bespoke consultancy services; both short-term and medium-term in the following areas:

human resource management

It’s important that you balance the needs and interests of your business and customer with solid employee engagement. We can help you develop and implement sound HR policy and practices that deliver customer satisfaction and an empowered workforce through:

  • HR policy development
  • Learning & Development frameworks
  • Recruitment - including position descriptions, advertising and reference checks
  • Award interpretation & application
  • Performance management & reward frameworks

Qtiviti Consulting - HRM can support your organisation in developing practical HR solutions that help get the very best from your employees.

workforce management

We help you enhance your business performance and the productivity of your people with our "onQ-WFM" workforce management solutions. With onQ-WFM we develop a fully customised workforce optimisation model for your needs; enabling you to understand how many people you need and when you need them.  

Our resource modelling uses your historical information to predict your future workload and resource requirements to support:

  • resource budget planning
  • recruitment and training needs
  • meeting customer service delivery expectations
  • costing process improvement initiatives

Qtiviti Consulting - WFM also supports optimisation of your current processes and systems to improve forecast accuracy and workforce planning outcomes.

customer experience

Our customer experience solutions allow you to pick and choose what matters most to your business and your customers. While we can help you develop key customer experience strategies, our value can help you expedite customer experience improvements with practical tools and training to help you gather, implement and support customer centric initiatives.

Qtiviti Consulting - Customer Experience & Innovation supports organisations to:

  • Capture the voice of customer
  • Design processes with the customer in mind
  • Project manage workforce change
  • Report on change outcomes
  • Design Quality Assurance programs
  • Coach & development employees


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