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We all know that large enterprises have access to in-house expertise, large budgets and wide scale reach. With Qtiviti Consulting Group you get access to the expertise and disciplines developed within large corporates, that's affordable and tailored to your business.

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Nathan Marhaba

Principal Consultant - Human Resource Development

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Principal Consultant - Workforce Management

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Principal Consultant - Customer Experience
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Employee onboarding and engagement

Employee onboarding and engagement is no different to customer experience. Organisations spend countless dollars on understanding the customer to tailor business solutions to meet the customer’s needs. Employee onboarding and employee relations should be no different and in fact play a significant role in customer satisfaction. The way your employees feel about your organisation has a […]

Employee engagement. When does it actually begin?

We are constantly trying to drive employee engagement. We find ourselves talking about the topic including why it’s important and how you create it. But when does employee engagement actually start? How do you create something truly memorable that resonates with the human capital you invest in everyday? It starts days, sometimes weeks or even months before an […]

Understanding workforce shrinkage categories to improve customer and agent satisfaction

Workforce shrinkage is the time that a workforce is not productive in delivering tangible business outcomes for an employees primary role.  Workforce shrinkage may provide value to the business, but does not have a direct impact to the amount of workload completed by the workforce.  It is important that the workforce is resourced to allow […]

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